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We're thrilled you chose Slide School to help augment your studio's education. We'll need just a couple of things to get your studio performance ready. Please fill out the form below so we can get your studio into our system. Once we add them and grant access, they will each receive a confirmation email from Kajabi along with an auto-generated password. They will need to login and create a new password of their choice if they would like to change it.

As a reminder, for this package we allow up to 10 members to access the classes. We'll follow up with you when we've finished setting it all up!

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  • Real stories of transformation
  • Thought-provoking questions and techniques
  • Motivation that turns into practice


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🎧 80 min video

Joseph Alessi, NY Phil

🎧 116 min video

David Rejano, LA Phil

🎧 103 min video

Megumi Kanda, Milwaukee Symphony

🎧 91 min video

James Markey, Boston Symphony

🎧 118 min video

Dr. Martin McCain, University of Memphis 

🎧 119 min video

Hillary Simms, American Brass Quintet